Commands für CS:GO Training Server

General commands

  • .setup displays the practicemode menu
  • .prac launches practice mode and displays the .setup menu
  • .help: displays this page
  • .settings: opens the client settings menu

Saving grenade positions

  • .nades [filter]: displays a menu to select saved grenade positions. .nades with no argument shows all nades. filter can be any of: nade ids, category name, player name, or part of a grenade name
  • .cats : displays a menu of all saved grenades by category
  • .save <name>: saves your current position as a grenade spot with the given name
  • .goto <grenadeid>: teleports you to a player’s saved grenade (or your own if no player is named)
  • .delete: deletes the last grenade of yours that you used .goto (or .nades) to teleport to
  • .find <text>: searches all grenade names for a text match

Modifying a saved grenade

All of the following commands can only be used on your grenades. They will apply to the last saved grenade you went to, whether by .save.nades, or .goto.

  • .desc <description>: adds a grenade description to your last grenade
  • .rename <new name>: renames your last grenade
  • .addcat <category> ...: adds a category to your last grenade
  • .removecat <category>: removes a category from your last grenade
  • .clearcats: removes all categories on your last grenade
  • .deletecat <category>: removes a category from all of your saved grenades
  • .copy <username> <grenadeid>: copies another user’s grenade and saves it for you
  • .setdelay <delay>: sets a delay on your last grenade. This is only used when using .throw against a category

Testing grenades

  • .last: teleports you back to where you threw your last grenade from
  • .back: teleports you back a position in your grenade history (you can also do .back 5 to go to the 5th grenade you threw, for example)
  • .forward: teleports you forward a position in your grenade history
  • .flash: saves you position to test flashbangs against it. Use this command in a spot you want to try to blind, then move and throw the flashbang; you will be teleported back to the position and see how effective the flashbang is. Use .stopto cancel.
  • .throw [filter]: automatically throws all grenades matching the filter. With no filter, throws the last grenade you threw.
  • .noflash: makes it so no flashbangs will blind you (they still blind others)

Spawn commands

  • .respawn: makes you respawn at the spot you are standing (.stop to cancel)
  • .spawn <number>: teleports you to a spawn #, using your team’s spawns (CT or T). Closest spawn is used if no argument is given
  • .ctspawn <number>: same as .spawn, but using CT only regardless of what team you are on
  • .tspawn <number>: same as .spawn, but using T only regardless of what team you are on
  • .namespawn <name>: saves the closest spawn to you under a name, which can then be gone to via .spawn <name>
  • .bestspawn: teleports you to your team’s closest spawn from your current position
  • .worstspawn: teleports you to your team’s furthest spawn from your current position

Bot commands

  • .bots: opens the bot menu for easier access to most of the below commands
  • .bot: adds a bot where you’re standing (or crouching!); .crouchbot to force a crouching bot
  • .ctbot.tbot: same as .bot, but forces the bot’s team to CT or T
  • .botplace: adds a bot at the point you’re looking at (similar to the bot_place command)
  • .boost: spawns a bot boosting you (crouch-boosting if you’re crouching); .crouchboost to force a crouching bot
  • .swapbot: swaps your position with the nearest bot (temporarily, the bot will respawn in the original spot still)
  • .movebot: moves the last bot you placed to your current position
  • .nobot: removes the bot you’re aiming at (can also use .kickbot or .removebot)
  • .nobots: clears all bots (.clearbots.removebots.kickbots also work)
  • .savebots: saves all current bots to a file
  • .loadbots: loads bots from the file (written by the last .savebots)

Miscellaneous commands

  • .timer: starts a timer when you start moving in any direction, and stops it when you stop moving, telling you the duration of time between starting/stopping
  • .timer2: starts a timer immediately and stops it when you type .timer2 again, telling you the duration of time
  • .fastfoward (or .ff): speeds up the server clock briefly so smokes dissipate quickly
  • .repeat <interval> <command>: give a number of seconds and a chat command, the command will automatically repeat at the given interval. For example: .repeat 3 .throw repeats .throw every 3 seconds
  • .delay <duration> <command>: runs the given chat command after a given duration (in seconds)
  • .map: changes map (you can use a map name like .map de_dust2 or just .map to get a menu)
  • .dryrun: disables most practicemode settings (leaving infinte money on), restarts the round, and sets freezetime to sm_practicemode_dry_run_freeze_time (default 6) – you can also use .dry
  • .enable <arg>: enables a partially-named setting, or „all“ settings.
  • .disable <arg>: disables a partially-named setting, or „all“ settings.
  • .savepos: temporarily saves a position so you can .back to it (this adds the position to the list of grenade positions you’ve thrown)
  • .god: toggles god mode (alias for the god command in console; requires sv_cheats to be on)
  • .endround: ends the round (alias for the endround command in console; requires sv_cheats to be on)
  • .break: breaks all func_breakable entities (most windows)
  • .stop: cancels a current action (this can stop many things: the .flash command, the .repeat command, and the .timer command)
  • .spec.t.ct: joins a team

Bot replay commands

Note: bot replay support is currently a work in progress. It’s not ready for general use yet. Installing the dhooks extension is also a good idea if you plan using these commands. Expect random crashes if you use these.

  • .replays: opens replay mode menu
  • .replay: opens the replay mode menu, or the last replay/role menu you had open
  • .namereplay: names the replay you’re currently working on
  • .namerole: names the role you’re currently working on
  • .finish: finishes and saves current recording
  • .cancel: cancels current replay/recording
  • .play <id> [role]: plays a replay id (all the roles), or a single role from a replay